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Saudi Arabia’s Abu Sin reveals intimate life details to Al Arabiya

[11/20/2016 3:02:20 PM]

AMMONNEWS - Much has been said about Saudi Arabia’s most infamous social media star Abu Sin (the toothless one). After his arrest and subsequent release from prison for video chatting an American girl, he speaks to for the first time on intimate details surrounding his life.

“My name is “Abu Sin”, I’m 20-year-old was born in August, 1997 in Riyadh. I have a secondary education level specialized in shariah studies,” he introduced himself to AlArabiya.Net.

Abu Sin, who has mostly stopped his online activities since his arrest, said he lists shooting and drawing as his hobbies and that unproductive free time played a major role in his decisions on social media.

“After having left the hospital from a foot surgery earlier this year, I was forced to sit immobile at home for long periods of time. That is when I discovered this new app called YouNow,” he told AlArabiya.Net.

“During the whole day, I was spending nearly 22 hours at home filled with sadness but those two hours on YouNow creating comedic sketches with people were filled with laughter and happiness,” he said.

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Most of that time was spent chatting with a young Californian girl - Christina Crockett. Neither spoke the other’s language (he did not understand English, she Arabic) which led to some comedic moments for those watching them.

While most viewers had no problems with Abu Sin’s content, some complained of Crockett’s revealing clothing. His videos then came to the attention of Riyadh’s police who then arrested him, accusing him of “unethical behavior”. They claimed his videos were “enticing” young audiences and inviting “negative attention” from viewers around the world on Saudi Arabia.

“My parents’ reaction was natural and normal, as they know who their son really is. As for those viewing me, they might not know me outside of the videos and are quick to pass judgments,” he said.

Asked if he would reveal more details of his life, Abu Sin said he would prefer some privacy as “some mystery to someone’s true character is enticing”.

Recent rumors said that Abu Sin was set to perform during a concert festival in the Saudi city of Madinah. The city’s officials were quick to squash the rumors saying they were false.

But Abu Sin confirmed to Al Arabiya exclusively for the first time that he was approached by the festival’s organizers asking him to perform.

“I was contacted by an organizer who asked my permission to release the posters advertising my appearance and that I was going to be paid for the event. When everything exploded about the news, suddenly the organizers had a change of heart and started denying the rumors. I tried contacting them again on WhatsApp but it appears that they have blocked my number,” he said.


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