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Al Omoosh to Ammon: a Jordanian bearing in mind to Iran... and Saudi Arabia doesn't stress

[4/19/2016 1:03:01 PM]

AMMONNEWS - The Jordanian ex_ambassador in the capital of Iran, Tehran, dr.Bassam al Omoosh ,that summoning our ambassador in Tehran,Abdullah Abu Rumman by the Kingdom, today Monday, is just as bearing in mind not more, he expected that the matter will not go farther than this, as long as Tehran doesn't escalate.

He added that that Jordan is directly in touch with the Syrian crisis ,which Iran involved in, and the important thing to Iran is its ambassadors who filibustere as known for Iran, headed by importing the revolution of Khomeini , and other things, subsequently, no interest to escalate with Jordan diplomatically, and no interest for the Kingdom to go farther this step.

About whether Saudi Arabia stressed on the Kingdom for this step , al Omoosh considered that Jordan is an ally to Saudi Arabia , but the last didn't stress , especially that Jordan is a State with sovereignty , reminding with the differences between the situation of Jordan and Saudi Arabia, the first was assaulted against its embassy and counsulate in a scene,so its steps is strong and decisive,some States complimented as Sudan and Bahrain , and take strong steps as expulsion the ambassadors.

He mentioned that Jordan arrested an Iranian cell, and took a diplomatic procedures in opportune., historically , the Kingdom relationship with Iran is in tension with Tehran since Khomeini came and importing his revolution, and this is the situation with most of the Arabian States , contrary with Shah.

State Minister for Media Affairs, Mohammad al-Momani declared that when they arrived to a special agreement for the nucleic program of Iran between the States of p5+1 and Iran was announced , the Jordanian government expressed that time of the sponsorship and supporting to the agreement pushed by hope to that this agreement would be an introduction to to develop and promote the Arabian-Iranian relationship based on good neighboring and the principal of not interfering of the the interior issues of the States and working together to boost the regional security and to make our region stabilized.

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