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Al Talhoni to Ammon: I agree the cancellation of sentencing to death

[3/14/2016 5:54:02 PM]

AMMONNEWS - The Minster of Justice, dr. Bassam al Talhoni announced his agreement of the cancellation of sentencing to death, or substitution it , providing the agreement of the legislator about it.

At the same time he disclaimed a new Law Draft about General Amnesty, in accordance with what citizens said , and he stressed on nothing new about the law of amnesty.

Al Talhoni refused in a a discussion to Ammon to comment on the decision of the Law Explaining Office about the judgement of the journalists about the law of electronic crimes in the slander and invective cases.
What is your opinion about the capital punishment?

Al Talhoni : I, personally agree the cancellation of capital punishment and substitution it with another one , providing the opining to reconsideration in the punishment by the legislator , saying : " I don't mind this"

He added : the capital punishment in Jordan still one of the punishment which is existing in the law, and it is set for the most dangerous crimes , the law gives atraxiest to whom sentenced to death about the ability to attack the judgment in front of the court of cessation and the power of attorney to a lawyer.

He pointed : that lots of countries still punished the capital punishment but if the legislator one to review the punishment by cancel or substitute it with another punishment , so I don't mind.

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