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No decision to dissolve parliament yet: Constitutional Court

[9/16/2013 1:10:02 PM]

From Majed al Dabbas

AMMONNEWS - Jordan's newly-established Constitutional Court said that it is still deliberating and examining the Electoral Law, under which the latest parliamentary elections were held last January.

Spokesperson of the Constitutional Court Ahmad Tbeishat told Ammon News on Monday that the Court is still examining the electoral law, stressing that "until now, there is no decision issued that invalidates the law and calls for the dissolution of the Lower House of Parliament."

The Amman Court of Appeals had decided last May to refer an appeal in the unconstitutionality of the electoral law to the Court of Cassation, which in turn referred the appeal to the Constitutional Court.

Tbeishat noted that the appeal was submitted nearly 90 days ago, and the Court has another 30 days to make a decision regarding the appeal, as the Constitutional Court Law stipulates that the Court has to decide on an appeal within 120 dates of submission.

The current Electoral Law is viewed as "controversial" and "unrepresentative" by many political observers and activists, who view that the current Lower House of Parliament is invalid as it was brought under the Dome through an unconstitutional elections law.

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