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Umniah Launches Fixed Line Service and My Home Internet Bundles

[4/23/2012 12:00:00 AM]

AMMONNEWS – Offering a comprehensive and diverse range of advanced telecom services, Umniah launched its new Fixed Line Service in the Jordanian market, catering to individual and corporate subscribers alike. The Umniah Fixed Line Service is a telephone line based on Voice over IP (VoIP) technology which uses Internet connections instead of traditional landline fixed networks to connect calls. This service provides subscribers with a telephone number that enables them to place local and international calls at highly competitive prices from any location around the world.

As a prepaid line, the service does not require a monthly subscription. It also allows subscribers to place unlimited calls to other Umniah Fixed Line subscribers free of charge. Users can make international calls for JD 0.015 per minute to North America, JD 0.12 per minute to most Arab countries, and JD 0.07 per minute to Asian countries.

Fixed Line subscribers are entitled to a number of value-added services that differentiate them from traditional landline subscribers such as the Call Waiting, Caller ID and Fax features. Customers can also call Umniah’s Customer Care Center for around-the-clock professional support.

In addition, Umniah recently launched its new Home Internet Bundle with a monthly starting fee of JD 15 and speeds of up to 24MB. The Home Internet Bundle enables families to safely surf the Internet and protect their kids from inappropriate contents for free, and offers a complementary, free-of-charge modem and fixed line that allow users to make competitively-priced local and international calls.

“Umniah’s Fixed Line Service and new Home Internet Bundle are bold steps forward for our evolving service offerings,” said Ihab Hinnawi, Umniah’s CEO. “We invest considerable effort into designing services and solutions that complement changing local market directions and requirements. This strategy stems from our vested interest in strengthening our position as an innovative, progressive and youth-oriented company.”

The Fixed Line Service is available as a free supplement with Umax subscriptions. Subscribers can also activate the Service via special applications installed on computers, smartphones and tablets. Interested customers can subscribe to the Fixed Line Service at any of Umniah’s showrooms for a JD 10 fee per account or for a starting credit of JD 2. The Service is available for free to all Umniah Home Internet customers.

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