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Cabinet discusses current issues, endorses regulations

[10/14/2020 3:37:27 PM]

AMMONNEWS - The Cabinet held a session on Wednesday, headed by Prime Minister, Dr. Bishr Khasawneh, during which an array of current issues were discussed, and several regulations were endorsed.

During the session, the Cabinet listened to a briefing by Interior Minister, Tawfiq Halimah, about the measures taken to deal with the perpetrators of the "heinous" crime against a juvenile in the central Zarqa governorate, and to prosecute them legally.

In this context, the Cabinet said the rule of law is safeguarded, and the perpetrators of the Zarqa crime will not be tolerated, affirming zero tolerance will be the policy to deal with all lawbreakers.

On the other hand, the Cabinet discussed ways to enhance partnership and cooperation with the private sector, and activate the necessary mechanisms for that end.

In a bid to contribute to forging appropriate economic policies to stimulate economic growth and investment, the premier said the private sector is a "fundamental and effective" national partner in the decision-making and in the development process.

Khasawneh also noted the government will strive to overcome obstacles that would prevent the implementation of this partnership in the "best way."

With regard to dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic, the Cabinet reviewed the procedures implemented in ministries, institutions and government departments, which aim to protect employees and service recipients, and limit the disease transmission.

The premier stressed the need that all ministries and government adhere to safety and preventive measures, such as wearing face masks, physical distancing, and sterilization.

In this context, Khasawneh stressed the need to activate the role of control units to check on the extent of employees' and citizens' compliance with these procedures, and to apply the penalties stipulated in defense orders against violators.

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