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Tourism minister : Signed pledge required to reopen restaurant lounges Thursday

[9/30/2020 2:03:03 PM]

AMMONNEWS - Minister of Tourism and Antiquities, Majd Shweikeh, announced restaurant lounges will be reopened, starting Thursday, stipulating the resturants' adherence to the necessary additional health requirements, amid the high incidence of Covid-19 infections.

Speaking during a press conference held on Wednesday, at the Prime Ministry, she said the reopening mechanism has been put in place to enable restaurants of all categories, whether tourist and popular, to ensure prompt compliance with health requirements, and help restaurants that adhere to these requirements to resume their work, as of Thursday.

To ensure compliance with anti-Covid-19 additional requirements, a pledge, especially prepared for this purpose, will be signed by logging the website, and registering under tourist restaurants according to the establishment number in the ministry, Shweikeh pointed out.

As for non-tourist restaurants, the applicant chooses the governorate, region and license number, with the exception of the Aqaba governorate, where the Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority (ASEZA) is launching its own website to process similar requests, according to the minister.

An electronic copy of the pledge is downloaded, printed, filled out and signed in compliance with the conditions contained therein, and then re-upload the filled and signed pledge on the same website, according to the minister.

The pledge, signed and sent via the announced website, will be verified by the competent authority for each restaurant category, namely the ministries of tourism, industry and municipalities, and the Greater Amman Municipality, and if the request is approved by the competent body, a text message will be sent to the applicant agreeing to reopen the restaurant lounge starting Thursday, said the minister.

The supervisory committees and the specialized inspection teams will continue to monitor compliance with the reopening requirements, protocols, and instructions in force under the defense orders, according to the minister.

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