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Food watchdog denies use of Alloxan in bread

[9/15/2020 9:39:37 AM]

AMMONNEWS - The Jordan Food and Drug Administration (JFDA) on Tuesday denied reports claiming that the Alloxan compound is being used in the manufacture of bread in the Kingdom.

Responding to a video that went viral on social media outlets, the watchdog said some countries use Alloxan to impart the white color to flour and to induce diabetes in animals for research purposes. However, JFDA said, neither applications are used in Jordan, describing the video as old.

Responding to another video which purportedly raises concerns about the use of titanium dioxide in foodstuffs, JFDA explained that this material is usually used as a coloring additive and is considered safe.

It further indicated that this additive has no limits on daily intakes and is widely used in food processing, stressing that there is no scientific evidence that back up the claims suggesting that titanium dioxide is cancerous.

However, JFDA explained that it prohibits the use of titanium dioxide in the manufacture of ready-made chickpeas, not because it is harmful to human health, but only because it alters the original product's characteristics.

The food and drug watchdog urged the public not to publish any information related to food and medicine without corroborating its veracity and to refer to official sources should they have any queries or complaints.

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