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Foreign Ministry summons Azerbaijani envoy

[7/28/2020 5:48:39 PM]

AMMONNEWS - The Foreign Ministry on Tuesday summoned the Azerbaijani Ambassador to Jordan Rasim Rzayev, protesting the statement that was issued by the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry on summoning the Jordanian ambassador in Baku yesterday.

The Ministry informed Rzayev of its surprise of such a statement which implicated that the Jordanian ambassador "was summoned" while he was informed that the meeting was for discussion, not summoning.

The Ministry also expressed its surprise at the inaccuracy of statements that were reported by the Jordanian ambassador in Baku.

On allegations raised about supplying weapons to the Democratic Republic of Armenia by Jordan, the Director of the Asian Affairs Department told the Azerbaijani Ambassador that what was published on this regard might be related to a sale by private companies purchased from the Jordanian defense industries as there is an open global market in which private companies operate within international restrictions and laws governing these companies' operations.

The director stressed that Jordan always adheres to international law and obligations.

He lauded the deep-rooted ties between Jordan and Azerbaijan, emphasized the commitment to developing and bolstering them and the continuation of consultation and coordination to serve common interests and issues in order to achieve security and stability.

He also pointed out to the close cooperation between the Kingdom and Azerbaijan in all fields.

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