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85 MPs : House Speakership should reflect the parliament's agenda

[7/19/2020 5:00:34 PM]

AMMONNEWS - 85 MPs have "deplored" the use of the Lower House Speakership as platform to tackle family matters, and to discuss issues currently being handled by the Judiciary, according to a statement signed by the deputies on Sunday.

The MPs reject the use of the Speakership platform and work in a manner aimed to distort the image of the Parliament establishment, said the deputies who met at MP, Mijhim Saqqour, home on Saturday.
According to the Constitution and the House's internal regulations in place, the Speaker is allowed to speak on behalf of the Parliament, but this capacity should be limited to reflect its jurisdiction, the 85 MPs added.

Voicing support, the statement welcomed the government's "firm" measures aimed to tackle tax evasion and several corruption cases, and any steps seeking to collect public money or recovering it.
In this context, the MPs referred to the House's calls to find a government mechanism to curb the phenomenon of tax evasion, as well as parliamentary calls to address corruption.
The MPs urged support to efforts aimed to expose corruption and refer the violators to the Judiciary, who has the final say in this regard.

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