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Jerusalem must be city of peace, not arena of occupation, says envoy

[11/16/2019 8:10:12 AM]

AMMONNEWS - Jerusalem must always remain a city of peace and not an arena of occupation, said Jordan's envoy to the UNESCO Makram Qaisi, emphasizing that the protection of the holy city and its current legal and historical status is an all-encompassing responsibility.

Speaking at a UNESCO meeting in Paris on Friday, Qaisi said safeguarding Jerusalem and its holy shrines is a Jordanian constant as always affirmed by His Majesty King Abdullah II, the Custodian Over Jerusalem's Holy Shrines, and further established by international legitimacy resolutions, including those issued by the UNESCO.

Qaisi, who is also the Kingdom's ambassador to France, told the 40th session of the UNESCO that Jordan believes in the importance of a multi-lateral effort to address current major challenges facing the world.

In this context, the ambassador noted the 'Group of Friends of Preventing Violent Extremism' which Jordan co-launched with Norway. The committee is mandated of raising awareness of the need to address the underlying conditions conducive to the spread of violent extremism and terrorism.

He highlighted Jordan's advocacy for a global movement to maintain international peace and security and to work in partnership with all parties to ensure the implementation of UN Resolution 2250 on youth, peace and security with a view to integrating them as a key partner in sustainable peacemaking, combating extremism and conflict resolution.

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