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Jordanian community in US welcomes regaining Baqoura, Ghamr

[11/12/2019 6:54:32 AM]

AMMONNEWS - The Jordanian community in the United States welcomed the regaining of Jordanian sovereignty over Baqoura and Ghamr lands.

Founder of the Jordanian-American Association of Southern California, Fares Haddad told Petra's reporter in Washington that the return of Baqoura and Ghamr lands to Jordanian sovereignty is a great historical decision, a royal vision, a clear and frank political skill before the whole world.

"It is also an honorable step through which our land has been safely restored," Haddad added.

Abu Adel Safarini, a professor in Virginia, congratulated His Majesty King Abdullah II and the Jordanian people on restoring Baqoura and Ghamr lands, expressing hope to restore all occupied Arab territories.

President of the Jordanian Association of Chicago Ladies Faten Omari, said, "An important part of our land has been restored."

Laila Fakhoury, a member of the Canadian Jordanian Association, said it was "a great Jordanian joy for us as expatriates and an indescribable feeling," expressing hope that Jerusalem, all the Islamic and Christian holy sites and all lands of Palestine could be restored.

Mahmoud Aladdin, a bank manager, expressed his pride in restoring Baqoura and Ghamr to Jordanian sovereignty.

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