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Gov't hikes fuel prices for October

[9/30/2019 2:27:10 PM]

AMMONNEWS - The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources fuel pricing committee on Monday decided to raise the prices of gasoline and diesel for October.

It increased the price of 1 litre of unleaded 90-octane gasoline from JD0.755 per litre in September to JD0.77 in October, according to a statement.

The price per litre of unleaded 95-octane gasoline will rise to JD1,005 in October from JD.985 in the previous month, while the price of diesel and kerosene per litre will increase to JD0.605 in October instead of JD0.590 in September, the committee said.

In its monthly meeting to fix the prices of oil derivatives, the panel said a review of global crude prices showed they rose in September, compared to August, which reflected on the local prices of oil derivatives.

Brent crude prices rose from 59.1 dollars per barrel in August to 62.9 dollars in September, it pointed out.

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