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Source : Reports of officials complicit in tobacco case untrue

[2/9/2019 8:39:50 AM]

AMMONNEWS - Reports on social media that serving and former officials were embroiled in the tobacco manufacturing and smuggling case are "absolutely not true" and are meant to discredit measures taken and obstruct investigations, according to an official source.

"information circulated by some on social media websites on the tobacco case are sourced from a suspicious webpage run from outside the Kingdom", it said Saturday in a statement.

It explained that all 30 cases related to the tobacco counterfeit matter came upon a decision issued by the Customs Department's prosecutor general on 24/7/2018, adding that an investigation team of State Security Court prosecutors promptly began investigations into the cases, collecting evidence, conducting precautionary attachment and banning suspects from travel.

The source called on the public to shun rumors and false news and to obtain accurate information only from their official sources, noting that the competent authorities are keen to publish updated developments in the case.

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