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Jordan, Libya discuss closer ties

[12/2/2018 2:17:45 PM]

AMMONNEWS - Prime Minister Omar Razzaz on Sunday held talks with Chairman of the Presidential Council of Libya Fayez Sarraj focusing on ways of cementing cooperation between the Kingdom and Libya.

Both Razzaz and Sarraj said economic cooperation between the two countries is still below aspirations given the potential both nations have.

"Political and economic relations and the security cooperation are good between the two countries and there is coordination between them on various regional and international issues, but we look forward to expanding areas of cooperation and realizing the ambitions and hopes of the Jordanian and Libyan peoples," Razzaz said.

Al-Sarraj stressed the importance of an optimal investment of the human and natural resources both countries have and the need to activate bilateral agreements.

Talks during the meeting dealt with a number of outstanding issues between the two countries, including debts the Libyan side owes to a number of Jordanian hospitals. The Prime Minister stressed the importance of resolving this issue, saying such funds belong to hospitals, citizens and private sector entities.

Sarraj indicated that his country had taken a series of measures to settle this debt and "open a new page to benefit from mistakes of the past and rearrange the relationship in a good way to ensure that there are no infringements".

Regarding a Libyan investment portfolio deposited in Jordan, the Prime Minister assured the Libyan official that the funds are safe and there should be clear coordination on how they will be used in the future.

Sarraj said Libya is eager to activate this portfolio through launching investments in Jordan and said officials from both countries will discuss this issue.

The two sides also discussed prospects of security cooperation and coordination between the two countries. In this context, the Chairman of the Presidential Council of Libya underlined his country's interest in benefiting from the extensive experience Jordan has in the security domain, pointing out that the Libyan interior minister will visit Jordan later to discuss promoting ties in this field.

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