House slams Israeli bill on execution of Palestinian detainees | Jordan News | Ammon News

House slams Israeli bill on execution of Palestinian detainees

[11/6/2018 8:18:29 AM]

AMMONNEWS - The Lower House Palestine Committee has blasted an Israeli bill that grants a green light for executing Palestinian prisoners, warning the international community of the grave ramifications of such Israeli moves.

In a press release put out Tuesday, the panel called on world parliaments to effectively stand together and boycott The Israeli Knesset, which approves race-based legislations that run contrary to international laws and conventions.

Such law, the statement went on, would only deepen apartheid which Israel, as the occupying power, is practicing against the Palestinians and their rights to a sovereign state on their national soil.

MP Yahya Saud, head of the panel, said the Israeli decision sends a crystal-clear message inciting crimes against the Palestinian people.

The Palestinians, he added, are defending their homeland while fighting the occupation forces in order to liberate their decades-long occupied territories.

He, moreover, called on the international community to boycott Israel in a bid to put an end to its brutality and atrocity; therefore bring justice to the Palestinian people.

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