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PSD begins winter campaign on Sunday

[10/30/2018 8:12:44 AM]

AMMONNEWS - The Public Security Department's (PSD) Traffic Department will begin its annual winter campaign on Sunday to ensure vehicles' roadability and safety during the rainy season.

The one-month campaign aims to ensure that vehicles are ready for all weather conditions, including rain and snow, to protect lives.

The PSD called on citizens to make sure their vehicles are equipped and maintained for the season so that they won't breakdown and hold up traffic.

Throughout the campaign, carried out by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing, Traffic, and Highway Patrol departments, officers will be out on roads, checking on tyres, lights, windshield wipers, heating and other parts or systems that might affect the vehicle's function.

A sticker will be placed on the vehicle that passes the test, and the ones that don't will be given a one-week notice to fix the problem.

Vehicles that fail the test need to visit the traffic department for another checkup so that driver and vehicle licenses can be returned to them.

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