Military source denies firing at displaced Syrians | Jordan News | Ammon News

Military source denies firing at displaced Syrians

[7/8/2018 5:14:17 PM]

AMMONNEWS - An official military source denied reports that the Jordanian armed forces fired at displaced persons on the Jordanian-Syrian border, saying that what was being circulated was not true at all.

The source said that the report, which was published through social media networks, was followed by a video from the Syrian interior.

The source confirmed that the video is "old" and that its purpose is to harm the role of Jordan and its armed forces. The armed forces did not fire any bullets at the displaced people either in the past or in this crisis, the source added, stressing that the instructions of the Armed Forces were clear and strict in this regard. Such rumors and fabricated materials refer to some terrorist elements who try to exploit what is going on to spread their rumors, the source noted.

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