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Razzaz calls on reviving supervision on societies

[7/8/2018 5:11:41 PM]

AMMONNEWS - Prime Minister, Omar Razzaz, stressed the importance of activating the role of the concerned ministries in following up and supervising societies within their jurisdiction, in a bid to improve their performance and enable them to play the expected role in achieving goals of sustainable development.

In a circular, the Prime Minister asked the ministries of social development, industry, trade, supply, planning and international cooperation to follow up societies within the scope of targeted supervision, whether to follow up the societies' legal and administrative conditions, or the technical and financial aspects of their projects.

The circular issued by the Prime Minister in this regard confirms the mandate given to the competent minister in the event of doubts about the work or accounts of any society to set up audit committees for this end, to form probe committees in any violation, and to take any legal action necessary, including referral to the judiciary.

The circular also stresses the importance of institutionalizing the follow-up process through the creation of administrative units directly concerned with the follow-up of societies, so that clear tasks will be included in the organizational structure, including the tasks and responsibilities of the competent ministries in the field of supervision on the societies' works.

The premier also stressed the necessity to follow up societies that have red flags in the money laundering or terror funding.

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