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Supporting Syrian refugees global responsibility, not only Jordanian, says Canada's ambassador

[6/30/2018 6:48:11 AM]

AMMONNEWS - As Syria situation continues to evolve, we must remember that supporting refugees and finding durable solutions for their plight is a global responsibility, not only a Jordanian one, Canada's ambassador to Jordan, Peter MacDougall, said.

In a press statement marking Canada's national day, MacDougall told Petra that his country is proud to have accepted more than 55,000 Syrians from the Middle East since 2013, as well as thousands of refugees from other parts of the world.

Canada is determined to support Jordan in shouldering the burden of the Syrian refugees it has so nobly taken on, the envoy said, adding that " Our bilateral ties are strong, growing rapidly, and further confirmed after His Majesty’s fourth state visit to Canada last August, during which the King and Prime Minister Trudeau highlighted the common vision of the two countries partnership.

Canada, the ambassador, fully recognizes Jordan’s critical role in maintaining stability and security in the region, therefore our assistance to the security sector in Jordan has reached over $100 million since 2013.

"We stand ready to assist the Kingdom as it pursues its economic reform agenda, MacDougall said, adding that bilateral trade has doubled since 2011, where Jordanian exports to Canada have increased almost 450% after the signing of the bilateral free trade agreement.

Education is a central focus of Canada’s partnership with Jordan, he said, explaining that his country has allocated more than $125 million to assist this sector since 2016. Canada is also working to build Jordan’s resilience though support to municipalities, which are on the front lines of coping with refugees, as well as implementing programs to generate jobs and boost economic growth.

"His country attaches great importance to the role played by women in every aspect of life from increasing prosperity to promoting peace. It is important – and historic – that we have a Prime Minister and a government that are proud to proclaim themselves as feminists. Advancing a feminist foreign policy is at the core of Canada’s international agenda," he added.

In Jordan, our feminist engagement has translated into many concrete actions, including small grants and business support, empowering women to start their own businesses, establishing daycare centers and providing transportation to encourage more women to join the workforce.

Canada also provides leadership training for female middle-managers at various ministries, helping them to move into key decision-making positions, the envoy said.

"Canada is a diverse, inclusive and compassionate country. We continue to strive towards reconciliation, particularly towards our indigenous people, reflecting a deep belief that we must always strive to be better in terms of our own progress and of how Canada can partner with others to build a more peaceful, secure and inclusive world," the ambassador added.

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