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Royal Jordanian launches Ramadan sale with 46% discount

[6/3/2018 7:40:23 AM]

AMMONNEWS - Royal Jordanian hosted its local travel agents for an Iftar banquet at Kempinski Hotel, Amman. RJ president/CEO Stefan Pichler, RJ officials and Area Jordan sales staff members were present at the event.

During the Iftar, Pichler addressed the attendees and said that the national carrier and the local travel agents are business partners, and they enjoy a strong relationship in the dynamic industry of travel and tourism. Both parties have worked together since long years, resulting in growth and development of the Jordanian aviation and tourism sector.

Pichler also announced a special Ramadan Sale for the Jordanian travel industry from June 3 until June 5, 2018. In this sales promo, Royal Jordanian will offer a 46% discount available at all Jordan travel agents and different RJ’s sales channels on the global network of destinations, for travel to take place between September 15, 2018 and March 20, 2019 with a blackout period between Dec. 16, 2018 and Jan. 15, 2019. "We hope that this will boost the sales of our travel agency partners and wish them best of success with this promotion!" Pichler said.

He expressed appreciation to the key role of the travel agents to increase sales on Royal Jordanian and to attract more tourist groups to visit Jordan. Pichler said that the airline is now witnessing a big progress, thanks to the turnaround plan that is being implemented. The plan, which is based on a number of pillars, is bound to boost RJ’s relations with all stakeholders, passengers, travel agents, employees and service providers among others.

Pichler added that RJ constantly endeavors to improve its air and ground services, modernize the fleet of aircraft and boost its route network in order to enhance competitiveness. He said that RJ will add three new destinations: Washington, Stockholm and Copenhagen that will be launched on June 3.

Pichler mentioned that the Jordanian market is crucial to RJ’s sales, being the main market where RJ has established a robust partnership with its travel agents.

He concluded that Royal Jordanian is keen on supporting Jordan’s travel and tourism industry; it also coordinates with all concerned entities working in this vital sector in the national economy.

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