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Russia, Jordan, U.S. prepare meeting on de-escalation zone in southern Syria

[5/29/2018 7:52:37 AM]

AMMONNEWS - Russia, Jordan and the United States are working on a trilateral meeting to discuss the de-escalation zone in southern Syria, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov said Tuesday.

"These contacts are continuing, bilateral contacts both with the Jordanians and the Americans," said Bogdanov, who is also a special envoy of Russian President Vladimir Putin for the Middle East and Africa.

He said Russia hopes that the trilateral meeting "at a level that will be convenient for our partners" will be held as soon as possible.

Bogdanov did not give details of the issues he expects to be discussed at the meeting.

Last year, Jordan, the United States and Russia reached an agreement to establish a temporary de-escalation zone in southern Syria to help restore stability and allow the delivery of humanitarian aid.

On Monday, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said he hopes U.S. troops will withdraw from the area near At-Tanf in southeastern Syria as only Syrian troops should be deployed at the country's southern borders.

On the same day, a Jordanian official said Jordan is closely following the situation in southern Syria and wants the de-escalation zone there to remain to prevent a flow of refugees to Jordan.H The official added that Jordan is in direct contact with Russia and the United States with regard to the developments in southern Syria.


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