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Gov't hikes oil prices for May

[4/30/2018 3:43:36 PM]

AMMONNEWS - The government’s fuel pricing committee, on Monday, decided to raise the prices of unleaded 90-octane gasoline to JD0.815 per litre up from JD0.780 per litre and unleaded 95-octane gasoline to JD1.050 up from JD1.005 as of tomorrow.

The committee also decided to raise the price of diesel to JD0.615 per litre up from JD0.570 per litre and kerosene to JD0.615 per lire up from JD0.520 per litre. The rise was due to the re-linking of the kerosene price to the price of diesel as it was before the winter, as the government decided to stabilize the price of kerosene at JD0.520 per litre to protect the poor who use the kerosene in heating and re-linked the price of diesel after the winter, the committee explained.

According to the decision, the price of gas cylinders was maintained at JD7, despite that its global price has reached about JD8.22, the committee said.

The pricing committee at the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources determines oil derivatives prices at the end of each month based on international prices and the pricing equation, which was implemented on February 5, 2008, according to the cabinet's decision.

According to the global prices index, prices of crude oil and oil derivatives saw an increase in April, during which Brent oil went up to $71.63 / barrel for compared to $65.90 / barrel in March, by 8.69 per cent.

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