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Jordan among first countries in region in combating human trafficking

[4/18/2018 6:12:06 AM]

AMMONNEWS - Jordan has preceded many neighboring countries in combating human trafficking , as the Kingdom supports human freedom and denies enslavement, Justice Minister Awad Abu Jarad al-Mashaqbeh said.

During his meeting with the National Committee on Preventing Human Trafficking(NCPHT) on Tuesday, Al-Mashaqbeh pointed out that his ministry is working on a clear strategy to adopt ideas proposed for discussion in the law.

At the meeting, which included members of the committee represented by secretaries-general of several ministries and the Commissioner-General of the National Center for Human Rights (NCHR), he said that Anti-Human Trafficking Law is one of the most crucial acts of major concern at domestic and international levels.

"We have a number of plans to counter this phenomenon, which has become the focus of attention of many countries, the minister said adding, the draft bill to prevent trafficking in human beings includes several amendments that aims to protect victims of this crime by expanding the umbrella of safe protection.

The draft also contains many provisions that protect the victim and reflect at the same time the need for rehabilitating of victims in a healthy, psychological and social manner, he added.

The draft law also entails tightening sanctions against perpetrators of human trafficking crime, taking precautionary measures against them and providing protection for witnesses. The minister commended the role of the members of the National Committee in establishing "A Victim Fund" that will provide help for victims of trafficking .

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