Arab Summit affirms Hashemite custodianship over Jerusalem's holy sites | Editor's Choice | Ammon News

Arab Summit affirms Hashemite custodianship over Jerusalem's holy sites

[4/15/2018 2:44:13 PM]

AMMONNEWS - The 29th Arab Summit, named "Al-Quds Summit" which was held in the eastern Saudi city of Dhahran Sunday, affirmed the importance of promoting joint Arab solidarity based on a clear approach and solid foundations protecting the Arab nation from dangers, maintain its security and stability and secure a bright and promising future that holds hope and prosperity for future generations.

The Al-Quds Summit called on Arab countries to be more united and determined to build a better tomorrow in order to achieve the hopes and aspirations of their peoples and prevent the interference of the states and external parties in the affairs of the region.

The summit also emphasized the centrality of the Palestinian cause to the entire Arab nation and the Arab identity of occupied East Jerusalem, the capital of the State of Palestine.

On the Hashemite custodianship over Jerusalem's holy sites, the leaders and heads of delegations participating in the summit stressed that "the Jordanian administration of the Awqaf of Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa Mosque is the only legal authority on the Al-Haram Al-Sharif through which it manages, maintains, preserves and organizes the access to it."

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