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Jordanian businesses on mission to Syria to boost trade

[4/9/2018 6:18:50 AM]

AMMONNEWS - Jordanian business representatives will travel in the near future to Syria on hope of reviving trade relations between the two countries after years blocked trade due to the closure of the border and raging civil war, businesspeople confirmed today.

A delegation from Jordan Chamber of Industry, headed by president Adnan Abul Ragheb, will travel to Damascus to hold meetings with Syrian counterparts on prospects of cooperation, industrial sources told ANSA.

The visit would be the first of its kind since the war started in Syria in 2011 and the subsequent closure of the borders after rebels managed to seize control of Ramtha and Naseeb crossings in 2015.

Jordan's businesses have suffered greatly as a result of the closure of the borders, particularly that the kingdom used Syria as a direct market and a transit to for shipments to Turkey and Lebanon. According to official figures, a total of 1,000 tonnes of fruit and vegetables used to be exported every day to Syria and Lebanon.

Reconstruction plans will be part of the talks as representatives of the Jordanian contractors association will also be among the delegation. Rebel sources told ANSA that talks are ongoing with the Syrian regime in order to re-open the borders, but there is disagreement over certain details related to presence of Syrian army and revenues from taxation.

The borders between Jordan and Syria remain shut, but sources from the Free Syria Army expect the situation to be resolved in the near future as talks continue to progress with Damascus.


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