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Cold snap continues Thursday, widespread frost forecast overnight

[12/7/2017 5:24:42 AM]

AMMONNEWS - Cold weather and partly cloudy skies are expected to continue Thursday, with light scattered showers in the morning mainly in the western parts of the country, the Jordan Meteorological Department(JMD) said.

The weather will begin to stabilize gradually Thursday afternoon, but remains chilly at night in most regions with light variable winds and widespread frost formation late at night that will linger into early Friday.

Daytime temperatures expected for today in Amman and the northern cities will reach 12 degrees Celsius,14 in the southern regions, dropping to 4, 5 and 1 respectively. Mercury levels in the Gulf of Aqaba will register a high of 23 degrees and a low of 13 at night, the JMD stated.

Temperatures will slightly rise on Friday, but remain relatively cold in much parts of the Kingdom, the JMD added. Areas of frost are expected to develop later at night and linger into early Saturday with southeasterly moderate winds.

Mercury levels are forecast to slightly rise on Saturday, but it will continue to be relatively cold in most regions and mild in the Jordan Valley and Aqaba, with wide frost formation overnight, the JMD further added.

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