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PM meets parliamentary bloc over economic hardship

[10/10/2017 11:38:33 AM]

AMMONNEWS - Prime Minister Hani Mulki Tuesday met lawmakers from the Al Wefaq parliamentary bloc, as part of the government's policy to reach out to the legislative authority and all social groups to address economic woes.

Head of the bloc, MP Mazen Al Qadi, said at the meeting, attended by 21 lawmakers and Minister of political and parliamentary affairs, Mousa Maayta, Minister of Labour, Ali Ghezawi, and State Minister for Media Affairs, Mohammad Momani, that the economic hardship could be the worst the Kingdom had faced for a long time.

He said the economic problem is not the sole responsibility of the current government, but all the governments that in came since 1989 are to share the blame.

"It is high time we all take the responsibility to lay down clear economic foundations based on transparency and candour so that the citizens will be fully aware of the reality of the economic situation", said Qadi, adding that it is high time for self-reliance.

While stressing the need for fiscal reform, Qadi said the middle class and low-income groups should be taken into consideration and that tax reform should be coupled with investment stimulation measures.

Mulki outlined to the lawmakers the broad lines of the government's fiscal and structural programme aimed to achieve economic resilience, reduce debt and usher in a phase of self-reliance, noting that economic resilience required financial discipline, a solid fiscal policy and growth through the stimulation of promising sectors.

The prime minister assured that the Jordanian Dinar is strong and that foreign currency reserves are "enough and are in good condition", but added that the national economy is facing challenges that necessitate fiscal reform to rejuvenate the economy and strengthen resilience.

On the sales tax, Mulki said all subsidies in the various sectors will be reviewed to ensure that they will only reach the targeted groups of Jordanians, as about a third of the population or non-Jordanians benefit from these subsidies. He also said proposed amendments to the income tax law are aimed to improve the efficiency of tax collection, fight tax evasion and stiffen the penalty on evaders.

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