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Royal Jordanian, the Official Carrier of Jerash Festival

[7/18/2017 5:45:37 AM]

AMMONNEWS - Jerash Festival for culture and arts chose RJ as the official carrier for the singers, poets and members of music bands that come from different parts of the world, Arab and other, to participate in the event.

The company has been the festival’s key partner and official carrier since it was first launched in 1981; both are national organizations that project Jordanian culture and tourism to the world.

The sponsorship is part of RJ’s involvement in and contribution to different activities in the kingdom, be they cultural, social, educational or economic, and as part of its role in support of tourism in the country.

RJ offers discounted tickets to Arab and international bands, folk troupes and poets participating in this edition, which will be held at the city’s monumental theatre between July 20 and 30, 2017, and in Amman between July 31 and August 6.

The festivals’ Executive Director Mohammad Abu Summaqa expressed pride in and satisfaction with this partnership, stressing the festival’s role in promoting RJ through invitations, press releases, promotions and advertising on social media channels, newspapers, websites, radio stations, TV stations and billboards.

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