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Momani : Media have key role to curb hate speech

[5/16/2017 4:43:41 PM]

AMMONNEWS - State Minister for Media Affairs and Government Spokesperson Mohammad Momani said that the media, which have the most influence on the individual's awareness and thought, have the duty to help stop hate speech and face the challenges "surrounding us".

In remarks at a conference, dubbed: "The Media Between Hate Speech and Intellectual Security", which was organized by Zarqa University with the participation of researchers and academics from Arab and Islamic states, Momani stressed "constructive dialogue and standing behind the sacred fundamentals and joint interests to serve the future of the Arab and Muslim nation and safeguard our bright history".

"We must stand firmly in the face of the forces of extremism and terrorism, which distort the image of our tolerant religion and indigenous Arab values", he said, calling for reason to prevail to end the targeting of innocent people and their displacement and stop the spiral of violence "around us".

He said modern media, namely social networks, must be kept in check as they are being misused to spread hate speech and extremist ideology, adding that the media had to rise to the level of the challenges and be up to expectations in ridding societies from the scourge of terrorism and its dangers.

President of Zarqa university, Mahmoud al-Wadi, called for promoting the culture of dialogue and accepting the opinions of others to create a sound society free of hatred and malice.

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