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Jordanian Families Spend $1,200 Monthly - on What?

[5/15/2017 9:54:57 AM]

AMMONNEWS - The average annual spending of a family in Jordan is around JD10,250 ($14,450 = $1,200 monthly), of which JD3,500 ($4,900) cover foodstuffs, JD450 ($635) alcohol and cigarettes, and JD6,300 ($8,880) non-food-stuffs commodities and services, according to a Department of Statistics (DoS) statement released on Sunday.

The DoS issued the statement on the occasion of the International Day of Families marked on May 15, the Jordan News Agency, Petra, reported.

The spending data were calculated based on the latest survey of family spending conducted in 2013, the DoS statement said, adding that there have been later indications of an increase in spending, following a hike in prices and fixed salaries over the past four years.

The statement referred to the effects of recent economic developments on families and their access to goods and services.

The DoS also noted that, as a result of decreasing birth rates over the past two decades, the average family size went from 5.4 members in 2004 to 4.8 members in 2015. The number of families in Jordan increased from 941,500 to 1,950,000 in the period from 2004 to 2015.


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