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Egypt reveals the details of the newly discovered pyramid

[4/5/2017 4:25:42 PM]

AMMONNEWS - The Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities revealed the remains of the pyramid, which were recently discovered in Dahshur south of Cairo.

Adel Okasha, director general of the area of the archeology of Dahshur said that the preliminary studies carried out by the archaeological mission on the remains of parts of the hieroglyphic text engraved on ten pillars mounted on a small piece of alabaster revealed that the text shows a symbol of the King “Imni Kamao,” one of the kings of the thirteenth dynasty and immolation texts, as well as a reference to a lady from the king's family.

Okasha said that the archeologists of the mission are currently studying the extensive texts of hieroglyphics while continuing excavation to reveal the rest of the pyramid and uncover its secrets; adding that the detection consists of a corridor which leads to the inside of the pyramid and the lounge and then rise from surface of the earth leading to a slope corridor on the south side and an entrance to another room on the west side.

The Egyptian archaeological mission operating in the area south of the Bent pyramid located at the royal necropolis in Dahshur has found last week the remains of a pyramid from the era of the thirteenth Dynasty.

*Al Arabiya

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