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Jordanian Lawyer Sues US Ambassador for ‘Unlicensed’ Anti-Homophobia Meeting

[6/1/2015 9:49:15 PM]

AMMONNEWS - Jordan’s reputation for being relatively liberal when it comes to homosexuality – it is one of the few in the region that doesn’t criminalize it – isn’t stopping one Jordanian lawyer from fighting against the anti-homophobia camp about two weeks after the International Day against Homophobia, Transphobia and Bi-phobia (IDAHOT).

Lawyer Tareq Abul Ragheb filed a lawsuit against the U.S. ambassador Alice G. Wells and Jordan’s social development minister for their attendance of the “unlicensed” meeting.

Abul Ragheb, who described the gathering as a secret meeting for homosexuals, said he was suing on “purely legal grounds,” noting that the organizers did not inform the authorities ahead of their meeting, which violates the Public Gathering Law.

Since diplomats are immune from prosecution, Abul Ragheb is almost certainly going to come out empty-handed. He maintains hope that the accused will face charges in her own country.

As for the lawsuit against social development minister, Abul Ragheb aims to gather support by a majority of MPs for his cause, which will allow him to refer the minister to the attorney general, based on Article 55 of the Constitution.

The event was organized to raise awareness on the broad spectrum of sexual orientation as well as the legal situation and social status of LGBTQIA individuals in Jordan.

Similar efforts are being made in the region to gain a wider tolerance of homosexuality. Back in May, a group of Lebanese celebrities released a video condemning homophobia, citing the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and calling on people to reject using the law to oppress any group.

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