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Protesters in Amman slam Jordanian regime

[3/15/2013 12:00:00 AM]

By Mohammad Abo Hmaed

AMMONNEWS - Activists from the pro-reform popular, youth, and Islamist movement on Friday protested in downtown Amman blasting the regime for its lack of genuine reform measures, according to their expression.

Hundreds of protesters demonstrated in front of Al Husseini Mosque following Friday midday prayer in a stance under the banner of "Crisis of Governance, not Governments."

The demonstration witnessed harsh slogans chanted against the Jordanian regime, blasting its reform measures as "a mere theatrical play," and warned against repercussions of lack of real reform changes demanded by the people.

"We want amending the constitution before the people revolt," the protesters chanted, calling for amending the electoral law and a tangible change in policies adopted by successive governments that brought the "sham 17th Lower House" into Parliament.

Reform activists also called on the Jordanian Foreign Ministry to take serious measures to secure the release of Jordanian national Khaled Natour, who has been detained incommunicado in Saudi Arabia for over two months.

Protesters blasted Foreign Minister Nasser Judeh for reportedly failing to follow up on the condition of Natour, a pro-reform activist who had taken part in protests in front of the Saudi Embassy in Amman against Saudi's role in the crackdown on protesters in Bahrain last year.

Pro-Reform movements called on Jordanians to take part in an open protest slated to be held on March 21st, and another demonstration marking the two-year anniversary of the March 24, 2011 protest that ended in a violent police and anti-riot forces crackdown on youth activists at the Interior Ministry Circle (Jamal Abdul Nasser Square) in Amman.

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