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Parliament to discuss its "behavior"

[3/7/2013 12:00:00 AM]

By Wael Jaraysheh

AMMONNEWS - The Lower House of Parliament will hold an extraordinary "consultative" meeting on Sunday to discuss the debacle and chaos that erupted in parliament on Wednesday in response to the government's decision to raise prices of fuel derivatives.

House Speaker MP Saad Hayel Srour called on lawmakers to attend the consultative meeting on Sunday aimed at discussing the "behavior" of members of parliament and the importance of abiding by the parliament's Code of Conduct.

House Speaker Deputy MP Tareq Khouri told Ammon News that the meeting will take place at 3:00 PM, right before the ordinary session scheduled at 4:00 PM, aimed at discussing the clashes and chaos that erupted after MPs repeatedly interrupted Prime Minister Abdullah Ensour as he was responding to MPs' questions and remarks regarding the government's latest decision to raise fuel prices.

An MP yesterday repeatedly interrupted Ensour and hailed him with offensive remarks, accusing him of being "corrupt" and "part of a gang of thieves in the country."

The incident provoked other MPs and culminated in adjourning the session after Deputy House Speaker MP Khalil Attiyah apologized to the premier on behalf of the Lower House.

The incident escalated on Wednesday when MP Shadi Odwan reached for a firearm in his possession as he voiced objection on MPs' continued interruption of the Prime Minister.

The incident escalated after Ensour and members of his cabinet left the building, with several MPs clashing and sending one MP, Nidal Hiyari, to the hospital with a minor injury.

News of the debacle at the House quickly reached House Speaker Srour, who was on an official visit as part of delegation accompanying King Abdullah II to Turkey.

Srour expressed concern over the incident, and rushed to parliament directly from the airport upon his arrival to Amman Wednesday night.

In response to questions about the legality of carrying firearms in the parliamentary building, MP Tareq Khoury stressed that it is "prohibited and rejected," noting that the House Speaker will stress that in the consultative meeting.

"The meeting will also discuss the Parliament's Code of Conduct for lawmakers. We cannot take an individual decision regarding this incident, but will debate the code of conduct and its importance on Sunday," Khoury added.

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    HAVE THEM NO SHAME, MAKING THERE COUNTRY LOOK LIKE A 3 RING CIRCUS, ENOUGH OF THIS ALREADY,THEY SHOULD FOCUS ON THE FUTURE OR THERE WOULD NOT BE A FUTURE,they are accusing mr. ensour of raising the price of oil & they can't accept the fact that this is a source of income to the country, & if they don't do it the country might callaps because the country has no revenue the increase of the oil price's generates the payroll for there ARMY,FIREMEN,ROAD MAINTENANCE,CLEAN WATER,HOUSING FOR THE POOR,ETC,ETC,ETC,,,, STOP YOU'R FOOLISHNESS & PROTECT IT ,DON'T DESTROY IT,,,PUT INTO IT,DON'T TAKE OUT OF IT,BEING IGNORANT IS NOT THE WAY.... PS, FORGIVE ME IF I HURT YOUR FEELING'S BUT I CARE ABOUT MY COUNTRY!!!!I LOVE JORDAN,LET'S KEEP IT STRONG.

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