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Parliamentary Carnival has arrived in Jordan

[3/6/2013 12:00:00 AM]

By Abdulillah

No unfortunately I am not speaking of the Brazilian Carnival or any other worthwhile cultural and social exchange. I am talking about our new Parliament recently elected.

The carnival of events that we have gotten so far is watching our newly elected parliamentarians that cannot seem to get themselves to vote one way of the other for a Prime Minister and the deadlock atmosphere of “my tribe and region over everything else” that seems to already be rearing its ugly head.

Most recently we have MP’s that want to start a fights while in assembly like children where absolutely nothing gets done.
You would think that after 20 plus days, a task of electing a Prime Minster would be easy compared to the real challenges that must be tackled; such as improving the economy and easing the pain of the citizenry from the austerity measures that they have taken on because of their love for this country, or improving the environment and infrastructure that we live in.

Such as making our roads not flood every time it rains, and our pipes not leak precious water resources, and finding solutions to our energy problems and our growing and massive debt and social welfare as well as many other important tasks ahead, but no that is not the case here in Parliament as of the last 20 days.

They must show to us and the world how deadlock and intransigent they can get and really fight this one out, both in words and fists. We needed to hear that they want to have MP’s in cabinet positions and other things we really could care less about. We needed to hear that they are a divided bunch. That’s what we wanted when we went down this road of democracy and elected them, NOT!

We actually hoped and prayed for something to be done like a leadership and compromise to arise out of the ashes of past failed governments like a Phoenix, but so far we are seeing the same from you as well.

We need some compromise here and some forward thinking and real quick. This is serious work you were elected to do, and it needs serious people to do it. We do not need tribalism or elitisms or any other “ism” you can think of.

Do we need to remind you that you were elected to work together to advance the interests of our country as a whole, and to think broadly where more than one area of the country benefits, but all the people of our beloved country, and for you to act in a transparent manner to alleviate our economic woes or unemployment and the development of jobs. We need you to roll up your sleeves and lead, or if you cannot see the way forward, than please we ask you to be courageous enough to vacate you position for someone who will.

I know I am being harsh on you, after only 20 days, but we in Jordan cannot afford a protracted fight in Parliament. We do not have the luxury of time like those richer nations for this protracted fight. After-all we are Jordanians one and all and must come to terms with each other as we need to move on some very important issues and real quick.

Do not let us down, do not let us feel sorry and ashamed of our elected officials, as you are a mirror of us because you were selected by the majority of us. Do not let us be cynical of our government, where we start to believe that all politicians are like babies, to be changed often and frequently.

God Bless Jordan and its People

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