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Nurses to go on nation-wide strike on 25th

[2/2/2013 12:00:00 AM]

AMMONNEWS - The Jordanian Nurses Association decided to postpone its announced open strike to February 25th instead.

Nurses working in the Ministry of Health, University of Jordan Hospital, and King Abdullah II University Hospital in Irbid, were scheduled to go into an open strike on Monday, February 4th.

President of the Jordan Nurses and Midwives Council, Mohammad Hatamleh, said that the decision to postpone the open-strike comes in an effort to give the government time to deliberate on the demands of the nurses.

He stressed however that the decision to postpone came despite the insistence of nurses to go on strike, citing government's stalling in meeting their demands.

"Salaries of nurses are near minimum wage in the kingdom, and the government must take responsibility to resolve the difficulties facing nurses in the field," Hatamleh had told Ammon News last week.

The nurses are demanding better pay, as they receive salary bonuses that are less than the ones given to their counterparts in other government sectors.

Nurses are demanding fair salaries and equivalent benefits as offered to government employees of other sectors.

The Jordan Nurses and Midwives Council has been threatening to escalate measures against the government, including going on open strike, since last year.

Negotiations with the Ministry of Health and the government reached a stalemate, with nurses blasting the government of neglecting their demands for better work conditions.

Nurses have been deliberating going on open strike since midyear in 2012, yet pressures against the strike have been successful so far to deter nurses from work stoppage considering the severity and implications of their strike that may lead to a nation-wide shutdown of government-run hospitals.

"The open-strike on Feburary 25th is a set date, and will not be postponed or cancelled unless the government takes tangible action in meeting the nurses' demands," Hatamleh stressed.

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