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PM: Palestinian refugees key segment of Jordanian society

[1/8/2013 12:00:00 AM]

AMMAN (Petra) -- Palestinian refugees are an important segment in Jordanian society and have equal rights and obligations, Prime Minister Abdullah Ensour said on Tuesday, calling on them to join forces with the state in the reform process and participate in upcoming parliamentary elections.

"We are all Jordanians under the constitution and our decisions and orientations should be united for the aspired reform and modernization process in our dear country," he told refugee camp leaders and embers of services committees.

Ensour spoke to about 500 notables and members of committees in the Kingdom's 13 refugee camps during a meeting on how to contribute to addressing challenges imposed by the next period, referring to the "catastrophes and dangers surrounding our nation." He said that no power in the world could interfere with a people as long as they remain united and agree on the national fundamentals and constants even if they differ on the means or minor details, adding that through their awareness and solidarity Jordanians would not fall in the same mistakes of other Arab countries andwouldnot allow strife among them."

The premier said a stable political order is Jordan's top goal,adding: "We don't want to leap with the country in the air or to the unknown, but rather go forward with calculated steps that guarantee society's natural progress." He urged the leaders to encourage their refugee camps "to take the right decision of participating in the parliamentary elections in order to cross the next phase together through fair elections as a quantum leap in its political life."

  • 1 jordan 1/9/2013 1:43:47 AM

    What an idiotic, out of touch with reality declaration; If Palestinians refugees enjoy and entitled to all rights of citizenship then why call them refugees. If they have all the rights and the obligations under the law, then they are citizens, no less and no more. Why then the special treatment and the kissing up to them? Does anybody wonder why Palestine was lost? Is it because most Palestinians wanted to become something else… Prime Minister, Trust me you are not fooling anybody but yourself, And Israel is the winner.

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