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Vision for the future

[12/31/2012 12:00:00 AM]

by Samih Maaytah |

By issuing discussion papers, His Majesty the King means for all Jordanians to become aware that Jordan is headed towards a clearly defined future, where elections are not the end of the country’s strides, nor just one lone step in the country’s drive towards reform.

His Majesty’s message to all Jordanians is that political partnership among all citizens is not a matter of politics only, but a civic duty as well.

Differences in stances should not mean division among citizens; rather, they are a true test of democracy. They should also form the basis of dialogue and conciliation the upholding of which King considers a national duty.

At the same time, His Majesty calls for acceptance of the other as the basis for partnership and dialogue, because failure to accept differences does not serve democracy or citizenship.

The King’s discussion papers pave the way for other steps that will follow after legislative elections are held and Jordanians put the cornerstone of parliament — this constitutional and democratic institution.

Those who chose to boycott elections are part of the social fabric and of the country’s future, so they should forgo rigid stances and the idea of boycott.

The fact that all Jordanians are part of the nation should lead to an understanding that there will be no division between the country and any grouping after elections.

His Majesty’s words are the foundation of the country’s plans for the coming stage.

All Jordanians, regardless of their stands, are invited to engage, open-mindedly, in the upcoming reform stage.

Any differences over details could be ironed out through dialogue, as no party can achieve anything alone.

We are all Jordanians and we all work for Jordan.

The writer is minister of state for media affairs and communications and government spokesman. He contributed

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