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Influencing Voters with Vote Buying Religiously Prohibited: Fatwa Dept

[12/30/2012 12:00:00 AM]

AMMONNEWS - The Public Iftaa Department on Sunday said that influencing voters' will by vote buying or providing money or briberies is religiously prohibited, stressing that voters' casting of ballots of a great responsibility and a trust.

The Iftaa (Religious Edicts) Department stressed in a statement issued on Sunday that the elections is a constitutional and religiously commendable means to chose representatives of the people, to oversee the government and legislate laws in the best interest of citizens.

The department said that it is religiously prohibited for candidates to influence the will of the voters by buying and selling votes and presenting bribes in part of their competition to win in the upcoming parliamentary elections slated to be held on January 23.

The statement noted that voters ought to chose the best candidate for the position who could carryout the responsibility and trust, and that voters must cast their ballots freely in accordance to their own will and conscience without the influence of money or gifts.

Earlier last week, leading Islamic scholars considered the buying and selling of votes in the upcoming parliamentary elections as "treason to the nation," stressing that such practices are prohibited in Islamic Shariah.

The scholars issued a fatwa announced during a press conference held at the headquarters of the Independent Elections Commission (IEC), in which they considered the practices as betrayal of trust, and are therefore un-Islamic.

  • 1 100 Dinars Versus Billions! 12/31/2012 1:00:33 AM

    Not many voters will pay much attention to this fatwa. And if a candidate to the parliament is willing to pay for votes, then it is natural for many voters to sell their votes for the higher bidders! Because of their economic situation and the pervasive corruption culture, many believe that they need the 50 or 100 Dinars more than their need for a credible parliament. Strong punishments for the buyers and sellers may reduce this form of a CRIME! But I think the sellers and buyers don't care anymore. They see major assets of the country worth $billions have been looted by "big" corrupt names and nothing happened to the looters!? For the buyers and sellers of the votes, the 50 or 100 Dinars are not going to make much difference! Resolving surgically the corruption cases through transparency and accountability will lead to the desired "ballots of a great responsibility and a trust."

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