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Where is Basma? Tamer Hosny's wife disappears

[12/13/2012 12:00:00 AM]

The private lives of Arab celebs might be considered public property but Egyptian superstar Tamer Hosny is determined to keep details of his married life quiet at whatever cost.

However, with all eyes in the celebosphere upon him and his pregnant wife Basma Bosil, keeping any detail of their relationship quiet is no mean feat.

With details of their relationship exploding on the internet and the rumor mill in full swing, after reportedly asking his young wife to quit the fame game earlier this year, celeb gossipers are now accusing Tamer of forcing Basma out of the spotlight altogether.

Fans have noticed that the Egyptian heartthrob has been riding solo at parties and public appearances lately.

And even on social networking sites, Tamer's Moroccan spouse is nowhere to be seen.

Despite being inundated with messages from fans on her Facebook page asking her to spill the beans on the pregnancy, Basma hasn't responded and is even rumored to have logged out of the social networking site for good.

Many have blamed Tamer and his demands for privacy for his wife's disappearance.

But fans suspect it won't be long until the details of the Arab world's hottest marriage is forced out in the open.


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