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King, Tribal chiefs visit security personnel injured in riots

[11/18/2012 12:00:00 AM]

AMMAN (Petra) -- His Majesty King Abdullah II on Sunday visited public security and gendarmerie personnel who were injured in fuel price riots and are receiving treatment at Al Hussein Medical Centre and wished them a speedy recovery.

The King was briefed by Royal Medical Services Director General Maj. Gen. Abdul Aziz Zeyadat on the condition of the injured men and ordered that they receive best medical care.

He lauded the patriotism of security officers in enforcing law and protecting national institutions and the lives of citizens and their constitutional rights, foremost of which is the right to demonstrate peacefully and express their opinions "especially in these circumstances the country is going through." King Abdullah praised security forces' discipline and self restraint in dealing with the latest riots and the protest movement that began about two years ago.

"Members of these apparatuses are our brothers and sons who have manifested the highest levels of professionalism, responsibility, patience and wisdom during the recent riots and over the past two years in which they made remarkable efforts and did a perfect job." His Majesty, accompanied by Gendarmerie Director General, Gen. Tawfiq Tawalbeh, also said he is proud of Jordanians' awareness and bearing the responsibility of protecting the country, stressing that all Jordanians stand together in defending national security and achievements.

Also on Sunday, tribal chiefs and community leaders in Maan and Tafileh, two of the governorates hit by oil price riots in the past few days, visited security personnel admitted to Al Hussein Medical Centre, where they are receiving treatment for injuries sustained in clashes with angry protesters, Jordan News Agency Petra reported.

A Public Security Department PSD statement said on Sunday that the visitors had expressed their regret to see those protecting lives and property in hospital and falling victim "at the hands of treachery of a stray group targeting Jordan's security and the lives of its people." They wished the injured a speedy recovery to return to their families and work as quickly as possible.

The PSD statement said the elders from the southern governorates called the events that took place in previous days, in which vandals attacked public property and torched government buildings, "a bitter experience" but added that all people have now realized what is going around and had come at the side of security forces against anyone trying to undermine national security and stability.

Meanwhile, more than a dozen tribes across the Kingdom today issued statements sent to Petra in which they denounced the riots and the targeting of security forces.

* Photo: A security personnel injured during the riots last week receives treatment at Al-Hussein Medical Centre in Amman, photo courtesy of PSD.

  • 1 Ibrahim Farid Alnabulsi 11/18/2012 10:48:20 PM

    I wish the public security and gendarmerie personnel a very speedy recovery and as a Jordanian citizen,I am very proud of our public security and gendarmerie personnel and the armed forces personnel who have shown and proven their high level of self-control while dealing with the latest riots in various cities and parts of our beloved kingdom.They have shown to the whole world an outstanding image of Jordan despite the fact that they were attacked while trying to protect the public and private properties and making sure that citizens are offred the best saftey and security as it has been a very distnigusihed landmark of Jordan,the land and nation of peace .

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