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Man Killed in Irbid Riots, Policeman Shot in Amman in Critical Condition, PSD Clarifies

[11/15/2012 12:00:00 AM]

** Police announce that policeman shot in Shafa Badran is alive, but in critical condition
** Police corrected earlier statement that policeman died of wounds
** 1 Man killed in Irbid Riots
** Riot Policeman critically wounded in Ma'an shooting

AMMONNEWS - One gendarmerie policeman is in critical condition in the intensive care unit after being shot by unidentified assailants late Wednesday night in Shafa Badran district in Amman.

The Public Security Department (PSD) retracted its earlier statement that the policeman died after sustaining gunshot wounds when unidentified assailants fired at a police station in Shafa Badarn, correcting the report late Wednesday that the policeman is alive but in a dangerous and critical state.

The policeman, a corporal, received a gunshot wound to his face when unknown assailants fired gunshots in a drive-by shooting at the police station using automatic weapons. He was rushed to the military-run Queen Alia Hospital.

Also in Shafa Badran, two people were injured in a traffic accident when protesters running away from police during a riot were hit by the car, injuring two members of a family.

Rioters fired at gendarmerie and police forces and burnt rubber tires and blockaded major roads in the area.


In Irbid, north of Jordan, one citizen was killed and 16 others were injured, including 12 policeman, PSD said.

A security station in Al Wasatiyah district in irbid was attacked, reportedly by an armed group late Wednesday night who attempted to storm into it.

Clashes erupted between police and the rioters, leading to the injury of 12 security personnel and four of the attackers.

One member of the armed group was pronounced dead upon arrival to the hospital, after sustaining fatal wounds, PSD added.

The injured were rushed to a nearby hospital, some of whom remain in critical condition.

A gendarmerie security officer was shot on Wednesday during riots that erupted in the southern governorate of Ma'an. He was rushed to Al Hussein Medical Center in Amman and is reported to be in critical condition.

The escalation of violence comes amidst tense conditions in the kingdom, with violent riots, vandalism, and major protests erupting in various governorates in the kingdom, a day after the government decided to lift subsidies on fuel derivatives, causing a major hike in prices.

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