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Violent riots, protests, looting erupt in protest of price hikes

[11/14/2012 12:00:00 AM]

* Protests erupt in various governorates throughout kingdom against government decision to lift subsidies on oil derivatives

** Two policemen critically injured in town of Taibeh, Irbid, after unknown assailant fired gunshots during protest

*** Gendarmerie forces use tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse rioters in Karak, Dhiban, and Salt

*** Protesters set gas station ablaze in Irbid

*** Protesters torch court building in Karak, Loot Civil Consumer Association market

*** Rioters set 3 police vehicles on fire in Tafileh, torch 6 govt vehicles in Salt

*** Looting of Central Market in Ma'an, Major Desert Highway blockaded

AMMONNEWS - Thousands of protesters took the the streets of various governorates throughout the kigndom Tuesday night after the government announced lifting subsidies on fuel derivatives and propane gas at the advent of the winter season.

Riots erupted in a number of governorates, where gendarmerie forces had to use tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse protesters in Karak, Dhiban, and Ma'an.

Hundreds of citizens took to the streets in Amman, Aqaba, Irbid, Ajloun, Mafraq, Dhiban, Madaba, Karak, Tafileh, Shobak, and Ma'an in protest of the government's decision to lift subsidies.

Protests throughout the kingdom Tuesday night witnessed escalating harsh slogans against the government, but also criticism of King Abdullah II.

Despite Prime Minister Abdullah Ensour's government's attempts to justify the need to lift subsidies, and its plans to compensate low and medium-income family households with annual stipends, citizens and reform movements expressed outrage at the decision.


In Karak, a demonstration was staged immediately after the government announced the decision, with protesters burning rubber tires and assembling in front of the governorate headquarters, calling for the resignation of the government and retracting of the price decision.

Rioters set a Court building on fire late Tuesday night and burnt tires blocking major roads.

Protesters threw eggs at the main governorate headquarters and burnt tires in front of the building.

Gendarmerie forces intervened and used tear gas to disperse the protesters.

Also in Southern Mazar, protesters blocked the main road and cordoned off the municipality building with rocks.

Eye-witnesses told Ammon News that rioters stormed into both the Civil Consumer Associations in southern Mazar, and attempted to storm into the Military Consumer Association in the area.


In Ma'an, riots broke out after hundreds of young men took to the streets Tuesday night following the government's announcement of lifting subsidies.

Protesters burnt tires and vandalized public property in protest.

Rioters stormed into the central market in Ma'an city and looted its contents, eye-witnesses told Ammon News.

Dozens of unemployed young men who had erected a protest tent last week announced they will escalate measures against the government following its decision.

Ma'an residents threatened to go on civil disobedience and go on strike from work at public institutions on Wednesday because of the government's decision.


Also, hundreds took to the streets in the northern governorate of Ajloun near the central square that saw that participation of popular reform movement activists and members of the Islamist movement calling on the government to retract from its decision.


Violent protests erupted in the city of Salt, northwest of Amman Tuesday night, with protesters blocking the main Salt-Amman highway with burning tires.

A major road in Wadi al-Akrad was also blocked by protesters.

Gendarmerie forces used tear gas to disperse crowds who assembled near the home of Prime Minister Abdullah Ensour in protest.

Protesters set two government vehicles on fire, vandalized a bank building, and disrupted traffic lights in Salt.

Protests also erupted in Aqaba, and riots erupted in Dhiban near Madaba where police used tear gas to disperse protesters.

In Ramtha, northern Jordan, protesters blocked the main highway and burnt tires in protest.

Protests were also reported in the southern governorates of Tafileh and Shobak. Rioters in Tafileh set three police vehicles ablaze late Tuesday night.

In the eastern governorate of Mafraq, hundreds of residents blocked the main highway and burnt tires expressing outrage at the government's decision to lift subsidies off fuel derivatives.

Meanwhile, the main desert highway in Um al-Jimal area east of the country was reportedly blockaded by protesters using burning rubber tires.

* Photo from protest in southern governorate of Shobak Tuesday night against government decision to lift subsidies.

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