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Protests in Irbid, Tafileh Stress Reform Demands

[11/9/2012 12:00:00 AM]

AMMONNEWS - Weekly pro-reform protests continued on Friday in the northern city of Irbid and the southern governorate of Tafileh, with activists calling on the government to implement genuine and tangible reforms.

In Irbid, pro-reform activists marched in a demonstration following Friday midday prayers in a protest called for by the Muslim Brotherhood movement, and called for constitutional amendments that guarantee people's authority and called for reformulating the electoral law in a manner that meets people's demands.

Protesters rejected any solutions to the economic crisis afflicting the country that would harm citizens' pockets, and considered the government's recent meetings with various segments of society as a means to 'permeate for upcoming decisions that will harm citizens' living conditions.'

Activists stressed the need for serious measures to combat corruption and reclaim public funds, and called for a national salvation government.

Also on Friday, the youth and popular pro-reform movements there staged a protest following Friday midday prayers calling for tangible political, economic, and social reforms.

Protesters in Tafileh stressed the need to unify efforts to confront the difficult conditions afflicting the country, and rejected any government attempts to raise prices.

A statement issued by Tafileh youth and popular movements stressed that activists will continue to take to the streets every week until the Jordanian people's reform demands are met.

Both protests witnessed security presence.

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