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Police Seize Weapons Heading to Downtown Rally

[10/5/2012 12:00:00 AM]

By Mohammad Habahbeh

AMMONNEWS - Police on Friday seized weapons in three cars headed towards downtown Amman around the time of the mass pro-reform rally called for by Islamists and reform movements.

Police set up check points at all entrances to the downtown area, and during random searching of cars coming in from eastern Amman, police seized firearms, sticks, and batons in three separate vehicles, a security source told Ammon News.

Public Security Department spokesperson told Ammon that police patrol units working to organize traffic and monitor all entrances to the capital Amman, stopped three vehicles that had 'suspicious looking' individuals inside, and upon searching the car police found handguns, batons, and sticks.

The individuals were taken to the East Amman Police Directorate for questioning. Police seized the weapons and the vehicles.

  • 1 Mohamad S 10/5/2012 5:42:54 PM

    Well, it's well and good to know that the Police's doing its duty; not that I have a particular complaint against them. One would have wondered if those who are against reforms and are of a strong influence would've been tempted to influence the security services to clash and suppress the march. Might be they reconsidered, or those of greater influence saw the dire consequences in this.

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