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'Obeidat' Denounce Appointment of Ambassador to Israel

[10/2/2012 12:00:00 AM]

AMMONNEWS - Members of the Jordanian Obeidat tribe this week condemned the appointment of Walid Obeidat as Jordan's new envoy to Israel, considering the move 'shameful' and blasted Obeidat's acceptance of the position a grave offense to his tribe.

Following a meeting of a number of Obeidat tribe members in northern Jordan Saturday evening, a statement was issued renouncing Khalid Obeidat from the tribe, stating that "whoever accepts this position, and puts his hand in the hands of those who seized the land, killed and displaced Palestinians... has crossed all prohibitions and red lines."

The statement, a copy of which was sent to Ammon News, considered the acceptance of the post as a grave insult to the nation and the tribe, stressing that this 'shameful' stance contradicts the history and stance of the tribe and its successive generations towards the Palestinian cause.

The announcement came after the government appointed Obeidat last Thursday as ambassador of Jordan in Tel Aviv.

Members of the tribe stressed that the Obeidats will continue to be loyal to its nation and will not make truce with its enemies until the liberation of Palestine, noting that the tribe was among the first to recognize the dangers of the Zionist settlement scheme in the 1920's.

The statement also blasted the Jordanian-Israeli Wadi-Araba peace treaty as 'shameful' and denounced by the tribe and the nation, and condemned the presence of a 'Zionist' embassy in Amman, and the reciprocation of a Jordanian Embassy to the 'Zionist entity.'

Designated ambassador Obeidat will become the fifth Jordanian envoy to Israel since the signing of the Wadi Araba peace treaty in 1994.

Jordan has not sent an ambassador to Israel since July 2010, when former ambassador Ali al-Ayed was returned to Jordan and appointed as Minister of Media Affairs in Prime Minister Samir Rifai's government.

Observers noted that the Jordanian-Israeli relations have been chilled since, witnessing tensions on a number of bi-lateral issues.

If appointed, Obeidat will be Jordan's fifth ambassador to Israel, succeeding Marwan Muasher, Omar Rifa'i, Marouf Bakhit, and Ali al-Ayed.

  • 1 jordan 10/2/2012 1:39:39 PM

    Bunch of hypocrites; I don’t see Palestinians objecting. Palestinians signed peace treaty with Israel 20 years ago. They did it in secret behind our backs. Why should you care about what goes on in Israel. Stop the absurdity and stupidity.

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