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Riots Erupt in Zatari Refugee Camp Amid Dust, Power Outage

[10/2/2012 12:00:00 AM]

By Hicham Sawalqa

AMMONNEWS - Riots erupted Monday night at the Za'tari desert refugee camp for Syrians after strong winds caused a power outage.

A security source confirmed that riots erupted, but did not disclose whether any injuries occurred as a result of the chaos that required mobilizing gendarmerie forces to contain.

Chaos and tensions erupted when many refugee tents were displaced and ruined as a result of strong winds and very dusty conditions.

UNHCR Director of Cooepration and International Relations Ali Bibi told Ammon News that the agency is working to fix the tents damaged by weather conditions, noting that some refugees may be relocated to new tents if necessary.

He noted that the agency and supporting organization are working their best to prepare for the conditions of winter, which are expected to be harsh given the location of the camp in the desert of Mafraq in eastern Jordan.

Bibi stressed the need to relocate refugees from tents to more appropriate living conditions such as caravans, noting that Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and Omar donated 4,700 caravans, but said that these caravans are not enough.

He called on the international community to increase their assistance and support for the services provided to Syrian refugees in Jordan, particularly as winter ushers in more difficult living conditions.

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