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Maaytah stresses Gov't support to Independent Elections Commission

[8/15/2012 12:00:00 AM]

AMMONNEWS - State Minister for Media Affairs and Communications and the Government Spokesperson Samih Maaytah stressed the government's support to the Independent Elections Commission (IEC) and said it is providing both logistical and financial support to the IEC.

During a press conference at the Prime Ministry on Sunday, the minister added that the elections process has started with the registration to vote, noting that the government is working to promote these elections at the political level and urge citizens to take part in the polls.

He said that ability to make change and continue the reform process comes through participation in decision making and not through boycotting.

On Syria, the minister reiterated Jordan's stance which call for political solution that preserves Syria's unity and non interference in its internal affairs.

Jordan, he added, will continue its humanitarian duty towards Syrian refugees, pointing to Arab and international efforts to provide services to the refugees through the Jordan Hashemite Charity Organization (JHCO).

"The government is working on a daily basis to improve living conditions at the Syrian refugee camp and started to replace tents with caravans," Maaytah added, noting that the Kingdom is currently hosting more than 150,000 Syrian refugees.

"The government has a duty to protect our northern border and preserve the security of Jordan while offering all needed assistance to Syrian nationals escaping the violence in their country," the minister said.

Jordan, Maaytah said has not been requested to take a political stance on the Syrian crisis in return for economic support or a promise to provide assistance to refugees.

He said the government is keen to provide all facilities to media outlets to enable them to perform their duties in covering news about the current events.


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