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Jordan most affected by Syrian crisis, minister says

[7/28/2012 12:00:00 AM]

AMMONNEWS - Minister of State for Media Affairs and Communications Samih Maaytah said that Jordan is the most affected country by the Syrian crisis.

He added that the Kingdom was the wisest country in dealing with the repercussions and negative effects of the crisis, especially with regard to the issue of refugees.

The minister, who is also the government spokesman made the remarks during a Ramadan evening organized by the Jordan Press Association Wednesday. He noted that all Syrian refugees in Jordan will be transferred to camps set up for them, pointing to Jordan's poor resources in dealing with the tide of Syrian refugees.

In response to a question on the possibility of media organizations visiting Syrian refugee camps, Maaytah said that the door is open to anyone who wishes to have a first-hand look at the refugees' living conditions.

The minister added that the Jordan Armed Forces and security departments are fully aware of the risks that may arise as a result of the Syrian crisis, including what is being mentioned in the media about the existence of sleeper cells, stressing that all possible precautions have been taken to face such challenges.

Addressing the debate over the elections law and reform, Maaytah said it is not new, stressing the media's role in clarifying that the debate over the law is between supporters and opponents.

'It is in the interest of the country that all participate actively in the coming elections and pursue the march of reform," the minister said, stressing the government's keenness for all segments of the society, whether political parties or clans to participate in the coming elections.

He also stressed that participation in elections will give those wishing to amend the law an opportunity to become part of the legislative authority and impose their points of view and proposals.

On corruption, Maaytah said the government is serious in fighting corruption, pointing to cases, which are announced from time to time. He said the government's role ends after the case is referred to legal authorities.


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